Hilarious: 7 Types of Classmates We All Had In Primary School

These are the 7 types of Classmates we all can relate to in Primary School.

If you attended a Nigerian Primary school and you were probably born in the 70’s or 80’s, and coincidentally, you belong to one category.

Ok, here we roll…

⇒THE SMART CRIMINALS: These set of classmates were always having it lavishly like they are Nigerian Senator’s Pikin -:). They would buy every edible thing sold in the school compound and were always willing to share. You would start wondering where they got the money from! At home, their parents always complained of missing money. Lmao

⇒THE BIG OLD BULLIES: Then is very different form now. Nowadays, some Primary 5 pupils are not even up to 8. Back in the days, we had some papas and mamas as classmates. These set of people were usually dull and chronic habitual late-comers. They sat at the back of the class. They were mostly cruel and would beat you up mercilessly for not showing them answers in class or when you refuse to share your food with them. The guys had hairy yam legs and from their voice, you could tell they were full grown adults!

⇒THE TEACHER’S PET: These set of classmates were usually loved by the teachers, probably, because they were intelligent. Though, sometimes, e dey be like say partial dey involve for the thing sha! They were the good boys and girls. They helped teachers carry their things home and they knew the homes of the teachers because they regular visitors. These folks always scored high in class. (And I belong to this particular group).

⇒THE TROUBLE MAKERS: These set of classmates were always fond of causing troubles. They would deflate the ball on the play-ground if they didn’t chose them in a football game, irrespective of the time they came to the field. They were always combat-ready becuase they would steal your pencils, pen, ruler, books etc and convert them to theirs. Ogbeni, you go dey see your name for the ruler korokoro but dem go still tell you say na dem get am! If you pressure them too much, na fight go end am! (My friend dealt with me that year sha, he knows himself, Lols).

⇒THE BEGGISTS: These classmates could beg you beyond begging! They graduated from beggars to beggists because they became experts! They would beg you for every little thing, you start wondering whether they had parents at all. If they meet you enjoying your mango jejeli, they wouldn’t mind asking you for the seed! Leave am for dem, na dia work. Dem go shine the seed dry for you.

⇒THE WICKED CLASS MONITORS: They would deliberately omit the names of their nose-maker friends and include your name in the noise-makers list. Yes o! You that have been quiet… just because you didn’t share your share fired fish with them during break! Then, the teacher would come in with the big cane (one of my teachers would call it abel, lols) and you would be feeling funky that you have been quiet, only to hear your name being called out from the list as a noise-maker. Chai, (the infamous song comes to mind. Ayele Ibosi ooo). Lmao

⇒THE INDECENCY CREW: These guys had the job of exchanging Indecency magazines for money; even at such age! They were rotten like decayed egg. these were the type of pupils that would go to the restrooms to draw with chalk depicting sexual acts and write all sort nasty things on the walls such as T.O.T.O! Lols, I am not surprised; many of them graduated to become members of the vaseline crew!

You can add yours, lols


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